[Right_to_die] Exit successfully completes UK tour in 'how-to-die' workshops

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Thu Sep 3 13:08:57 PDT 2009

Exit successfully completes UK tour in 'how-to-die' workshops

Exit, the euthanasia & self-deliverance organisation, has just held the last of a series of workshops from Aberdeen to London. Up to 20 people at a time experimented to find how to end their life, should the need ever arise due to unbearable and unrelievable suffering, using helium gas, arterial compression, drugs, plastic bags or starvation.
One and 2-day workshops were held across the UK. Cities included Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Manchester, Derby, Bristol, Wolverhampton, Leeds, Bristol and London.

Participants experiment to construct their own 'Exit Bag', make lethal tourniquets, and review ethical and legal dilemmas of such end-of-life choices.
Said Exit Director, Chris Docker,
(who has worked in the field for nearly 20 years) :
"We have some of the best palliative care in the world, but most people realise that there are also extreme forms of indignity and suffering that just cannot be controlled. The workshops give people the courage to face an uncertain future."
Asked if people couldn't just read about such things, he replied: 
"Books are useful - we publish some - but people feel even more reassured by the hands-on knowledge. It's like being given the keys to the door marked, 'Exit' - even if you never use them."
One of the most important features of the workshops is safeguards. "Left to their own devices, people often suffer excruciating deaths with failed attempts. Or are caught in the legal trap of visiting a Swiss suicide clinic. The workshops run by Exit are on a non-profit basis, so no competent adult is excluded. They are £60 for a full day session - much cheaper than the £1000+ needed to go the Swiss route.
"I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed and often humorous workshop I attended on Friday. We were a small varied group of people and it was very easy to ask any questions we needed answers to. I hope to be around for many years yet, but should enjoy them all the more knowing that I potentially have a few options up my sleeve regarding my final exit."
"I found the workshop an incredibly empowering experience."
Exit was established in 1980 in order to provide information on self-deliverance. It produced the first guide of its kind in the world, How to Die With Dignity and in 1993 a follow up called Departing Drugs. Exit's latest book is called Five Last Acts. Exit works strictly within existing UK law.
For more information, contact: Chris Docker, M.Phil (Law & Ethics in Med), EXIT, 17 Hart St, Edinburgh EH1 3RN, UK.

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