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Greg Palast - BP on Trial at the Occupation
OWS Climate Trial held in NY - asked me to act as 
"prosecutor" in Climate Court.  1st, BP's 
defense: "Mother Nature is just one big happy 
toilet. You can just crap in her as much as you 
like - oil from the Deepwater Horizon, the Exxon 
Valdez, & all the blow-outs you've never heard of 
- & Ma Nature will just swallow it all up, no 
problem. Nature has miracle bacteria that eat up 
all the oil & it's gone. Gone from the Gulf, gone from Alaska."

USDA announces $50 million for Gulf river basins
U.S.D.A.pledged $50 million to program designed 
to restore seven river basins from Florida to 
Texas to show blueprint for rebuilding Gulf Coast's fragile ecosystem.

BP Claims Halliburton Destroyed Oil-Spill Evidence

Republicans Push Quick Permit for Keystone XL Pipeline

New York fracking proposal roundly condemned at public hearing
State authorities left in little doubt about 
scale of opposition to end fracking ban

Is New York's Governor Opening a Pandora's Box? 
Interview with Sandra Steingraber
Steingraber’s study of dense & interlocking 
frontiers of science, health, environment, & 
public policy, has led her to champion caution 
prior to incurring mass health risks.  Fracking 
chemicals can migrate far afield, people 
shouldn’t play "believe it or not" with safety 
pronouncements made by gas industry P.R. Need 
scientific studies - shelve fracking until 
independent scientists take time to gather data. 
But economic imperative of gas companies is not to wait.

Fracking rules often lag behind industry's growth

Drilling regulators pull double duty as industry promoters
State oil & gas agencies across country straining 
to prevent flood of new drilling from harming 
human health & the environment. But that's not 
really their job. Or at least not all of it.

TX - Oil industry focuses on water use
State report cites concerns over ‘fracking.’ 
Estimates how much water used in Texas in coming 
decades to extract oil & gas were 
lowballed.  Petroleum industry needs to get grip 
on its water use before govt does it.

EPA criticizes PA for shale air pollution rules

Outside groups deliver water as sides spar over drilling
Dimock - 1000s of gallons of water delivered by 
natural gas drilling critics to township 
residents whose daily water deliveries by driller 
blamed for contaminating wells ended last week.
Supporters included actor Mark Ruffalo & 
"Gasland" filmmaker Josh Fox, & state & national 
environmental groups, praised families, chastised 
industry & called out state government that failed you."

Petroleum industry confronts water use
  Same week oil & gas industry reps convened to 
discuss best ways to lessen dependence on 
freshwater aquifers, NASA’s satellites found 
aquifers to be at "lows rarely seen since 1948."

Big Oil Heads Back Home
Energy companies shifting focus away from Middle 
East & toward West - with profound implications 
for companies, global politics & consumers

Spills, violence follow Shell Oil in Nigeria
Decades of oil production left Niger Delta one of 
most polluted regions in world. Shell is biggest 
operator, more than 50 years of oil production, 
main target of activists' wrath.

Funds, refiners ponder oil Armageddon: war on Iran
Oil consuming nations, hedge funds & big oil 
refineries quietly preparing for Doomsday 
scenario: attack on Iran low, but risks have 
risen as West & Israel grow increasingly alarmed 
by signs Tehran is building nuclear weapons

How Peak Oil Pricked the Housing Bubble

Chicago Can't Wait, Mayor Emanuel: Residents 
Unveil City Hall Exhibit on Human Costs of Deadly Coal-Fired Plants

King Coal's Throne Under Threat
New emissions rules likely to roil market but 
some investors are betting on export potential

Who’s killing the coal-fired power plant?  (Don’t count on it.)

Alpha to pay $200 million in landmark Upper Big 
Branch Mine Disaster safety deal

Ex-Massey chief has started mining company in Kentucky, records show
How GDP is Linked to CO2 Emissions

Catastrophic Climate Could Be Forestalled by 
Cutting Overlooked Gases [Slide Show]
CO2 gets all the attention, but there are a host 
of compounds responsible for global warming

Beware Climate Change Risk from A/C, Fridge Gases: U.N.
Soaring use of man-made gases used in 
refrigerators, air conditioners & fire 
extinguishers risks speeding up global warming & 
industry should adopt alternatives,

Hundreds of flights cancelled due to Beijing smog from coal

Chinese angry over pollution

96 hours to the stone age: How quickly our 
connected lives crumble when the power goes out
Critical to recognize pace of our reliance on 
pervasive connectivity via wireless devices 
rapidly outstripping ability to deal with absence 
of services. Need to recognize extent that 
wireless infrastructure increasingly core to 
personal, family, & societal existence. It is a 
fragile core.  Next time lights go out, look at 
clock on smartphone & hope stopwatch doesn’t get to 96 hours.

Undriving™ - Changing the Way We Think - video/audio
Be first in your group to get Undriver 
License™.  You pledge to reduce automobile use. 
Seattle founder Julia Field’s creative project 
sparking imaginations & creativity by changing 
how people think about getting around — be it 
skateboards, sailboats, or just plain skipping the trip!
70 House members urge halt to E15 fuel use

Colo. Supreme Court Considers Drilling Near 
Project Rulison Nuclear Site By Encana Oil & Gas - videos

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