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Certain types of stories are being removed from 
the Internet - two are on this list and I found 
another on another subject.  If the URLs given 
for those no longer work and you wish to read them, I copied them.

27 NATO oil tankers torched in Pakistan
The above headline is what I received this 
morning, but the URL wouldn't work, so I googled 
it - there were at least 5 articles by the same 
name but from different sources, all foreign - 
all had been removed and forwarded me instead to 
industry pages on oil or oil tankers.  I finally 
found this ABC report with a different title that 
doesn't mention the 27 tankers until near the 
end.  I wonder what those other articles said????

EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Refuses to Revoke BP's Probation 
Over Safety Violations at Texas City Refinery
The Department of Justice (DOJ) has refused to 
pursue a probation revocation case against BP 
after the company was found to have violated a 
federal judge's March 2009 felony judgment, 
requiring BP to fulfill the terms of a settlement 
agreement made 5 years ago to make safety 
upgrades at its Texas City refinery by September 
2009.... Instead, the DOJ will allow BP to spend 
two additional years to correct hundreds of 
safety problems that have plagued the refinery - 
the third-largest in the country - for a decade 
and have played a part in the deaths of 19 people 
over the past five years....  "This coddling is 
taking place in the wake of the worst 
environmental disaster in US history lying at 
BP’s feet," the fomer EPA official said. "DOJ’s 
position is a pathetic lack of representation of 
the will of the American people as poll numbers obviously attest.”

Toxic chemicals multiply after Gulf leak
  The BP oil disaster sent carcinogenic chemical 
levels soaring in the Gulf of Mexico.... "It's an 
incredibly huge jump in concentration in a natural environment,

Plan for using BP spill fines unveiled
Most would go to restoring Gulf, not cleanup fund, but lawmaker approval needed
msnbc.com news services

Censored Gulf news: Dying without aid seen on TV. 
Ignored cries for help in America
This is horrific - people affected as far away as 
Tennessee - and being left to hang - like Haiti, like Katrina

This news is indeed being censored - as reported 
in the article - and when I googled the title I 
found it had been removed from other sites..

Censored Gulf news: Voice from inside Ochsner Hospital
Gulf Coast humanitarian leaders hospitalized, the 
latest casualties resulting in canceling Coastal 
Heritage Society of Louisiana (CHSL) radio 
program. Joannie Hughes, Kindra Arnesen and Vicky 
Perrin of CHSL are ill with symptoms of poisoning

Greenpeace - Independently-Funded Research 
Expedition Locates Deep Sea Remnants of Gulf Oil 
Plume 300 Miles West of Spill Site
Fresh oil also recovered from deep-water sediment samples near BP disaster site

Extreme Turbine Power Boats to Help Clean Up the Gulf
Orange Beach, FL - lying to pull in tourists - check video satire


Still Hidden in the Bayous: BP Does Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Several videos of damage and testimony on BP damage in Mississippi

Experts question BP's take on Gulf oil spill

Questionable U.S. spending after gulf oil spill
The federal government hired a New Orleans man 
for $18,000 to appraise whether news stories 
about its actions in the gulf oil spill were 
positive or negative for the Obama administration....
The government also spent $10,000 for just over 
three minutes of video showing a routine offshore 
rig inspection for news organizations but 
couldn't say whether any ran the footage. And it 
awarded a $216,625 no-bid contract for a survey 
of seabirds to an environmental group that has 
criticized what it calls the "extreme 
anti-conservation record" of Sarah Palin, a 
possible 2012 rival to President Obama.

Oil in Eden: The Battle to Protect Canada's Pacific Coast
the battle to stop the proposed Enbridge Northern 
Gateway Pipeline from the Alberta Tar Sands, and 
the associated oil supertankers that would 
gravely threaten BC's spectacular coast.

Peak Oil Interview: Misconceptions, Replacing Oil, and False Solutions - video

Stages of Peak Oil Awareness
I’ve been a clinical psychologist for the past 22 
years, have worked in a variety of settings, and 
with people of different ages and a variety of 
presenting problems, but nothing in my 
professional background prepared me emotionally 
to wrap my head around Peak Oil....
Four and a half years ago, I began a research 
project to figure out what is a “normal” reaction 
to learning about Peak Oil, and this essay is a 
summary of what I’ve learned. If you don’t know 
what Peak Oil is, here is a quick, easy to 
understand and funny explanation from the website 
for the newly released movie: How to Boil a Frog. 
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAMDVt_gor4 - 4 
parts - also   http://www.howtoboilafrog.com/peakoil.html)

Could peak oil save the human species?
Guy McPherson, conservation biologist, climate 
scientist and blogger, who despite his gloomy 
outlook about the prospects for industrial 
civilization--he thinks it could disappear within 
his lifetime--regards himself as an optimist. 
Why?...  he discovered the concept of peak oil 
and realized that "its consequences might bring 
the industrial economy to an overdue close, just 
in time."   [Except they keep drilling.]

Back to School Month: Peak Oil 101
Think you don’t believe in Peak Oil?  Sharon Astyk says you do...

And Dave Pollard imagines What happened when the oil ran out
(This story/scenario was written as part of the 
preparation for the visioning exercise for Bowen 
In Transition, which is helping communities all 
over the world to prepare for the threat of 
energy, economic, and ecological collapse, and to 
transition to a post-cheap-oil, 
post-global-industrial- economy, 
post-stable-climate future. The visioning 
exercise is a collective collaboration to imagine 
how these crises will affect the local community, 
and what could be done now and in the near future 
to prepare for and adapt to these crises and 
increase local resilience. I’ve written this 
story because I think there’s a risk that those 
in my community may significantly underestimate 
the severity of the challenges the world will 
soon face, and hence how much work we need to do 
on our little (4 mile-by-5 mile, 3800 people, 
three miles west of Greater Vancouver) island to 
be ready, and to change. They will likely find my 
scenario too pessimistic, too dire for their 
liking. We’ll see I guess. I’m not prescribing 
solutions here, especially as the crises become 
more complex and start cascading into each other: 
This is the work that our Visioning Team, and 
then the Transition Working Groups, will have to 
do. I’ve therefore left the story unfinished, and 
if we want it to have a happy ending, I think 
we’ve got our work cut out for us.)

Looking for Trouble
George Monbiot asks WHY TPTB are seeking to drill 
for oil everywhere - If we burn just 60% of 
current global reserves of fossil fuels, we 
produce two degrees of warming. We cannot afford 
to use what has already been discovered, let 
alone to find more. Yet no one in either the 
current or past governments has been prepared to engage with it. Before

A Proposed Dirty Oil Pipeline Would Put Americans 
at Risk for Cancer and Asthma -- Why Are Senators 
Pushing For Its Hasty Approval?
The oil it promises to provide could be recovered 
just by increasing our cars' fuel efficiency by 
about two and a half miles per gallon -- something we already know how to do.
The tar sands pits in Alberta, Canada that 
Senators Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Saxby Chambliss 
(R-Georgia) and Kay Hagan (D-N.C.) visited last 
week are so bleak that one UN official, after 
seeing them for the first time, compared them to 
Mordor, the hellish wasteland from Lord of the 
Rings....  But Senator Graham, after meeting with 
oil industry representatives and tar sands 
proponents, hailed the toxic mines, the source of 
the world's dirtiest fuel, as "an industrial 
ballet," adding that the project "really blends with the natural habitat."

A High-Risk Energy Boom Sweeps Across North America
Energy companies are rushing to develop 
unconventional sources of oil and gas trapped in 
carbon-rich shales and sands throughout the 
western United States and Canada. So far, 
government officials have shown little concern 
for the environmental consequences of this new fossil fuel development boom.
Not one mention of the most devastating environmental effect - climate change

Gulf Drilling Moratorium May Be Lifted Early

U.S. Issues New Rules on Offshore Drilling
New rules are meant to prevent accidents like the 
fire on a Gulf of Mexico platform in September.

Paid for by Big Oil
Video tracking campaign contributions from Big Oil

Marcellus Shale fight takes new turn with pipeline mandate
Pennsylvania must spend $11.8 million for 
pipeline to deliver water to 18 rural 
residences  whose household wells are contaminated by natural gas.

Oil Companies and Special Interests Spend 
Millions to Oppose Climate Legislation

Russians to Float Nuclear Plant in the Arctic as Ice Melts
Claim zero-risk nuclear technology - right.  Will heat the water more...

Scotland to Run Off 100% Renewable Energy by 2025

China leading the world in clean energy investment

Texas guv candidate Bill White talks wind, solar, and urban planning
Wouldn’t it be a relief to get rid of Perry?

Appalachia Rising Reports
Mass Arrests in DC: We Shall No Longer Be Crucified Upon the Cross of Coal
Over one hundred protesters from the Appalachian 
coalfields were arrested in front of the White 
House today, defiantly calling on the Obama 
administration to abolish mountaintop removal 
mining. As part of the Appalachia Rising events, 
the coalfield residents took part in a multi-day 
series of events to bring the escalating human 
rights, environmental and health care crisis to the nation's capitol.

Appalachia is Rising Against Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
Destroy life, property, mountains, streams, 
families, communities and the planet to obtain a 
filthy fossil fuel. Burn it for electricity, 
releasing poisons and driving the climate to the 
breaking point. Contain the resulting sludge and 
toxic ash in billion gallon ponds, until they 
break. Call it clean. Get the President to call 
it clean. Add alliteration and a multi-million 
dollar PR campaign. Voila, you have clean coal.

Months After West Virginia Mining Disaster, US 
Issues Emergency Order on Coal Dust
As I recall, Massey mine bosses weren't obeying 
the already existing regs on coal dust.

Greenpeace Activists Call For Federal Standards on Hazardous Coal Waste

A Big Coal Ash Problem At Little Blue
Little Blue is one of 49 sites around the country 
whose dam currently has a High Hazard Potential 
rating. This rating means that if the dam holding 
back Little Blue’s toxic slurry – the largest 
earthen dam in the country – were to breach, it 
would result in probable loss of life, largely to 
communities across the river in Ohio.

Industry Wraps Coal Ash Regulation Fight in the Mantle of Civil Rights
You’d think the damn spin doctors would have constant vertigo.
German States To Oppose CO2 Storage Law

Why many environmentalists will fight Germany's green energy plan
The German cabinet approved on Tuesday an 
overhaul to the country's energy production, but 
upset antinuclear activists by extending the life of the nuclear power plants.

New Report Concludes Synthetic Biofuels Won’t Help Solve the Climate Crisis

33% Renewable Energy is Goal for California

Russia and China sign series of energy agreements

Asia Begins Embracing Solar Power
While climate deniers and fossil fuel industry hold sway here

Shell in row over Brazilian Indian land grab
Brazilian authorities have written to energy 
giant Shell expressing concern over the 
activities of its new Brazilian joint-venture 
partner, which is producing biofuels from land 
taken from an impoverished Indian tribe.

Ancient Italian Town Has Wind at Its Back
800 Italian towns have instituted renewable energy and sell the excess.

Wind Energy Can Power Much of East Coast, Study Says
But will there be energy and materials to build them??

Schwarzenegger Blasts “Black Oil Hearts” of Prop 23 Backers
Say what you will about California Governor 
Arnold Schwarzenegger, but despite being the 
onetime public face of the Hummer, he’s 
consistently come out on the side of good green 
policy for his state. And he may have just 
offered up his most vehement defense of any green 
law out there, criticizing the Texas oil 
company-led effort to pass Proposition 23, which 
would overturn California’s groundbreaking 
climate law. He publicly attacked the lack of 
trustworthiness of the oil industry and their 
“black oil hearts”. Seriously, you’ve got to read this gem of a quote:
"They are creating a shell argument that they are 
doing this to protect jobs.  Does anybody really 
believe they are doing this out of the goodness 
of their black oil hearts – spending millions and 
millions of dollars to save jobs?”

Obama could kill fossil fuels overnight with a nuclear dash for thorium - ???
If Barack Obama were to marshal America’s vast 
scientific and strategic resources behind a new 
Manhattan Project, he might reasonably hope to 
reinvent the global energy landscape and sketch 
an end to our dependence on fossil fuels within three to five years.

Commercial buildings and hospitals can cut energy use 50%, say reports

Want a Low Carbon Footprint HumanCar? (video)
4 hp (humanpower) vehicle - watch video, then go 
here for more info - http://humancar.com/overview.htm
Still will require a lot of energy and materials to build.

Cut Freeway Spending to Create More Jobs

The World Clock Of Global Statistics
Would you like to know the up-to-the-minute 
environmental statistics for: projected global 
warming, CO2 emissions, and forest land lost? How 
about population birth, deaths, and the ages of 
the Earth’s inhabitants? Maybe oil depletion and 
traditional energy use vs. renewable interests 
you. Or maybe, food production  and animal 
slaughter statistics? Maybe you just want to know 
how many spam emails have been circulated this 
year? Well, look no further than the World Clock.

“If we do not do the impossible, we shall be 
faced with the unthinkable.”  social philosopher Murray Bookchin
How can a person live a moral life in a culture 
of death?  Charles Bowden  Some of the Dead Are Still Breathing

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