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Clean Energy Lags Put World on Pace for 6 Degrees Celsius of Global Warming
Estimates from Intl Energy Agency depict world failing to reduce 
reliance on burning fossil fuels

23 National Energy, Private & Public Sector Leaders Make UN 
Sustainable Energy for All Commitments

UN: Developing countries offer "staggering" clean tech opportunity
Green businesses can take advantage of new markets & help UN meet 
goal of universal access to energy.

Billions in Fines Don't Matter -- Here's How BP Should Be Punished 
for the Gulf Disaster
Missing is criminal prosecution that holds responsible individuals 
who gambled with lives of BP's contractors & ecosystem of Gulf of Mexico.

"Making It Right" After BP Oil Disaster Is Up to Us - Not BP
Riki Ott, PhD, Marine toxicologist & Exxon Valdez survivor.

First criminal charges filed in BP oil spill

Greg Palast, Arrest of BP Scapegoat: Real Killers Walk
Read affidavit of FBI agent O'Donnell which govt filed in arresting 
Mix. Crime is deleting texts from phone indicating blown-out Macondo 
well gushing 15,000 barrels of oil a day, not 5,000.  It's a crime, 
destruction of evidence. But Mix is a minnow. What about sharks? 
Texts obviously sent to someone.  If someone knew, undoubtedly so did 
BP managers higher up.

Democracy Now - Gulf Oil Spill: BP Execs Escape Punishment as 
Disaster Continues To Impact Sea life
Goodman discusses with Dahr Jamal & Abrahm Lustgarden on disaster, 
while lobby insists all fish, etc. all right.

Gulf Spill Pictures: Ten New Studies Show Impact on Coast - photos
Dolphins, deep-sea corals, microorganisms, plankton, bluefin tuna, 
northern gannet, dead zone, communities, food chain, salt marsh

Brown pelicans rebounding, 2 years after Gulf oil spill

Deepwater Drilling in Gulf 'Back With a Vengeance'

More Oil Drilling Means More Toxic Food
How can 2-3 men make decision that puts Arctic at risk without 
public's consent? Did Obama ask Shell for anything in return? - pay 
royalties or taxes?  Oil industries earn close to $ trillion/ year in 
profits. Myth that oil drilling produces lots of jobs while clean 
energy failures.  Myth oil industry's attempt to make pollution & 
global warming divisive right-left political issue. Myth that gas 
prices will go down with more drilling. If you believe that one...

German Bank Won't Finance Arctic Ocean Drilling, Saying The 'Risks 
And Costs Are Simply Too High'

In a Change, Mexico Reins In Its Oil Monopoly

Essay: Lies in the energy debate
Felt euphoria when Obama rejected XL pipeline permit, now see 
tarsands juggernaut barely pausing. All worst-case developments 
remain on track. Is it time to stand up?

New Keystone XL Route: Out of the Sandhills, but Still in the Aquifer
Neb. landowners' primary goal to protect region's water supply 
forgotten in focus on Sandhills.

Oil: Construction of Utah tar sands plant possible by year's end
While XL pipeline hot political topic, Utah paving way for tar sands 
production on STATE lands.

Harper adopts the 'Might Makes Right' approach to tar sands, pipelines
What won't govt do to get tar sands pipeline through BC?

The Climate Movement Takes On Fracking: Interview With Bill McKibben

Environmental Groups: New Fracking Rules Fall Short

With all this natural gas, who needs oil?
Home-grown, plentiful, & touted as best way to wean US off Mideast 
oil. Limits to how far US can tilt toward natural gas economy.

ALEC and ExxonMobil Push Loopholes in Fracking Chemical Disclosure Rules

Financial Times - Finds shale a bedrock of hope
Shale's supporters have to demonstrate conclusively its benefits 
outweigh environmental cost against climate change activists.  Jobs 
uber alles as climate catastrophe worsen

How One Man's Flaming Water Fired Up a Battle Between Texas and the EPA
Long & very sad - industry will do anything to prove you're lying.

Gas boom may stop at coast of Maryland
Sierra Club will veto plans by Dominion to build 1st natural gas 
liquefaction & export facility.

ALEC's Vision of Pre-Empting EPA Coal Ash Regulations Passes the House

Quakers vs. PNC on mountaintop coal removal
Earth Quaker Action Team will depart from Friends Center & make 
16-day, 200 mile trek from Philly to PNC's HQ in 
Pittsburgh.  Intended to "shine the Light" on social, environmental, 
& health impacts of PNC's investments in mountaintop removal. It 
likes to tout its green initiatives, but major financier of MTR coal 
mining in Appalachia.

As solar panels proliferate, so do clashes between neighbors over 
aesthetics, 'solar rights"
Gotta keep the place "looking right"- what will climate change do to 
house values??

Wind credit stalls despite bipartisan support

UK, U.S. to agree to work on floating wind turbines

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