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A significant portion of the earth's population 
will soon recognize, if they haven't already done 
so, that humanity is now faced with a stark 
choice: Evolve or die.  ~Eckhart Tolle~

Salvaging quality by John Michael Greer
This is a story of many downgrades - here’s one - 
the cast iron cookware you buy locally simply 
isn’t as good as the same products made a quarter 
century ago, and the difference is no small 
thing. I’ve heard the same thing in the very 
different context of craftspeople who work with 
old tools; the quality of the metal, they say, as 
well as the workmanship tends to be dramatically 
better in tools that are at least a quarter 
century old.  Reworking and replenishing is a good idea.

“F. William Engdahl” - Getting used to Life 
without Food -- Wall Street, BP, Bio-ethanol and the Death of Millions

How to plant a winter garden
Although the heat of summer is on, it is time to 
plant your winter garden. Winter gardening is my 
favorite garden of all, as the cooler nights 
raise the sweetness of many cole and root 
crops.  Harvesting carrots out of the snow or 
having kale all winter long makes me feel like a 
master gardener and homesteader, providing 
quality organic food for my family year round.

Free seeds helping Americans get by, live healthier

Garden Know-How: Wise Watering
Organic mulches and the right watering equipment 
will keep your crops healthy and your yields abundant.

Urban gardens: The harvest is not just food, it’s community

Drying Fruit and Onions

Preparing Chickens for Cooking - like from scratch

Monsanto and Gates Foundation Push GE Crops on Africa
... UN expert report showing that small-scale 
farmers could double food production in a decade 
with simple agroecological methods. This flies in 
the face of the Second Green 
Revolutionaries.  “Today’s scientific evidence 
demonstrates that agroecological methods 
outperform the use of chemical fertilizers in 
boosting food production where the hungry live – 
especially in unfavorable environments,” “Malawi, 
a country that launched a massive chemical 
fertilizer subsidy program a few years ago, is 
now implementing agroecology, benefiting more 
than 1.3 million of the poorest people, with 
maize yields increasing from 1 ton per hectare to 2 to 3 tons per hectare.”

MONSANTO'S CRUEL PLANS - history and video

Greenpeace destroys GM wheat

Our Love Affair With Fish Is Unsustainable
.....what people would say if a band of hunters 
strung a mile of net between two immense 
all-terrain vehicles and dragged it at speed 
across the plains of Africa. This fantastical 
assemblage scoops everything in its way: lions, 
cheetahs, rhinos, elephants, impala, wildebeest, 
etc. What happens when trawls scoop up the ocean.

Annual NOAA report shows ’steady progress’ toward rebuilding fisheries
   “Scientists announced  that in 2010, 84 
percent of the stocks examined for fishing 
activity (213 of 253 stocks) were free from 
overfishing, or not fished at too high a level, 
and 77 percent of the stocks with known 
population levels (159 of 207 stocks) were above 
the overfished level, that level too low to 
provide the maximum sustainable yield,”

More Than Half of Tuna Species Face Extinction, 
But Overfishing Is Too Profitable to Stop   The 
regulations are hard to enforce because of the 
logistical difficulties of monitoring fishing, 
and because of a lack of political will.

What Kind of Dutch Oven do You Need
New to me.

Meat Eater's Guide ranks foods by environmental, health effects
Lamb, beef and cheese generate the most 
greenhouse gases according to study from the 
Environmental Working Group. The Meat Eater's 
Guide - 
used a cradle-to-grave life-cycle 
assessment,  including fertilizerd to grow animal 
feed, data  processing, transportation and disposal.

New Study: Going Meat-Free One Day a Week Saves 
More Greenhouse Gas Emissions Than A 100% Local Diet
"Dietary shift can be a more effective means of 
lowering an average household's food-related 
climate footprint than 'buying local.'"

Citizen Science
Now, using the Internet, non-specialists are 
participating, too. Citizen scientists act as 
volunteer classifiers of heavenly objects, make 
observations of the natural world, and they solve puzzles to design proteins.

The Early Stages of Preparation for TEOTAWKI

Six Letters Re: A Prepper Goes to College
Debt-Free U: How I Paid for an Outstanding 
College Education Without Loans, Scholarships, or 
Mooching off My Parents by Zac 
Bissonnette.  "Debt-Free U" points out the huge 
disparity in the cost/value relationships of the 
many college education options.  It provides 
strategies (solutions) for getting a good quality 
college education and "the most bang for your 
buck."  It is a well written contemporary 
investigation into the myths and realities of higher-level education.

7 Fascinating Facts About Meditation

Meditation halts age-related degeneration throughout entire brain

The Prophetic Redoubt and Prescience of Theodore Roszak

Grey wolves from Alberta help avert death of an ecosystem
Thirty-one grey wolves from Alberta were turned 
loose in Yellowstone in the 1990s.The iconic 
canines were soon tearing after elk in the U.S. 
national park, which had not seen wolves in seven 
decades.  Aspen, willow and cottonwood trees have 
begun to sprout now that the elk are in check. 
Beavers have started to move back in, increasing 
habitat for birds and insects.  “It’s amazing the 
effect one species, the wolf, can have on the entire ecosystem,”

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